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dbanQ as an employer

When it comes to your career, our focus is on YOU. dbanQ

  • Promotes long-term careers and your personal career path – in line with our motto “stay and grow”

  • Anticipates, identifies, and adds value by solving problems. We always help others and are to reach out for help.

  • Operates in a constantly changing market, and we need to grow and change with it. We aim to improve and learn new skills, and we are not afraid to make mistakes.

  • Believes in potentials of others and embrace diversity in all forms.

While there’s no exact template for success at dbanQ, our people share some qualities that help make us successful – and that make working here challenging and fun for you.

Personal Impact

Working with clients on their toughest issues requires the involvement and support of many individuals. Interacting effectively with people, sometimes in challenging situations, is key to creating positive, enduring change.

Entrepreneurial Drive

Overcoming obstacles and achieving goals requires an innovative mindset, an openness to new approaches, and a continuous quest for learning and growth.

Inclusive Leadership

Harnessing the power of diverse thinking to drive results requires the ability to lead teams of people with different backgrounds and create a sense of belonging where everyone can be at their best.

Problem Solving Skills

Helping clients solve tough problems and implement solutions requires strong intellectual abilities and rigor, as well as a practical sense of what works and what does not.

Open positions in dbanQ

Financial Transformation Manager

You are a senior project manager with extensive experience as financial transition manager. Ideally your experience will be on large-scale application transformations, requiring you to be able to run transformations with multiple streams and stakeholders.

Business and IT Architect

You are a senior business and IT architect with a thorough and proven understanding in previous assignments of the banking and financial industry concepts, technology and solutions related to a modern application ecosystem.

Transformation Test Manager

You are a senior test manager with proven skills in test management and with an extensive experience from previous projects. In test, you are an authority which is comfortable to lead and manage a team test resources towards agreed project goals.

Transformation Scrum Master

You are a Scrum Master with ability to lead and coach multiple Scrum teams. You enjoy being part of a team delivering in accordance with agile principles, and you have proven skills from previous assignments in preferably bank or the financial industry.

Transformation Project Officer

You are an experienced Project Officer today in a bank or in the financial industry. Previous assignments have been in major projects where you have had the role to lead teams and manage tasks related to a Project Management Office in those projects.

dbanQ provides future leaders in Banks and Financial Service Companies with the opportunity to learn the importance to build digital capability. The best practices, insights, tutorials, and real-life examples will give a framework that will enable the participants to:

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